Ibrahim Al qurashi USA

Greek Tobacco

Volume: 200ml


In the world of perfumes, Greek Tobacco perfume shines as a masterpiece that combines the fragrance of flowers with the mystery of luxurious Greek Tobacco. The delicate scent of peony flows like a sweet breeze, with deep musk tones that add a touch of mystery and elegance. It is a fragrance that embodies beauty and luxury at the same time, sparkling brilliantly and captivating hearts with its unique charm. This luxurious scent takes you on a journey of sensations. It is an exceptional experience that carries within it the beauty of nature and the elegance of art, making it an irresistible fragrance.


Aromatic Notes:

Top notes: narcissus, lychee, rose.

Heart notes: apricot, orange flower, iris.

Base notes: Greek tobacco, musk, peony